Game Modes


In Classic, ten players will be picked in random to form two teams of five. Each player will choose a hero to control, and the main goal is to destroy the opponent's base, located at the opposite side of the map. Players can freely choose any hero they have in their inventory, but there cannot be more than one of the same hero on a team.
Like all MOBA games, the primary goal is to destroy the Enemy Base. Both teams must defend their Turrets and Base, and destroy the enemy Turrets. There are three lanes, and once all turrets in a lane are destroyed, your creeps can reach the Enemy Base. When the final Turret in a lane is destroyed, Super Creeps will be mobilized.

Dungeon Raid

In Dungeon Raid, a player chooses a hero to eliminate creeps and the final boss. Rewards will be given once the final boss is successfully killed.


Similar to Classic, but in VS AI, a player teams up with 4 other AI teammates to battle another team of 5 AI players.