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Heroes are the playable characters in Genesis Battle. As of May 2022, there are 20 heroes in the hero pool, and more heroes will be added every season. A player may collect and keep as many heroes as he or she likes, but for each match, the player can only choose one hero from his or her inventory.

How to Acquire Heroes

Each hero is an NFT. There are only two ways to acquire new heroes:
  1. 1.
    By purchasing and unlocking Builder Boxes.
  2. 2.
    By purchasing from other players on the marketplace.


Each hero primarily belongs to one of the six classes: Assassin, Fighter, Tank, Mage, Support, Marksman.


Assassins are melee heroes with very high damage potential. They roam the battlefield with high mobility and specialize in picking off enemies. They have low HP and high burst damage, so positioning and timing are of high importance to assassins. Assassins usually purchase items that provide lifesteal buff in order to increase durability.


Fighters are heroes that are quite versatile as they possess a balanced mix of offensive and defensive skills. They are usually melee combatants somewhere between tanks and assassins, and they can deal good damage over time, making them excellent late game heroes. Due to their versatile nature, fighters can take on multiple roles throughout a game, switching between Semi Tank, DPS and Crowd Control effortlessly, depending on the team's needs.


Tanks are durable heroes that have high HP and high armor but low attack. They act as shields for their teammates, absorbing considerable amounts of damage so that their teammates who are more fragile can dish out their skills and damage as fast as possible without worries. They usually have skills to stun, slow or taunt their foes and limit their damage potential. Tanks are usually expected to lead the charge during battles.


Mages are ranged heroes who primarily rely on their magic skills to deal damage. They usually possess area-of-effect (AoE) skills that can deal high magic damage in bursts, making them fearsome opponents. However, they are extremely fragile and need a lot of protection during battles.


Support heroes may not always be the star, but any team without support heroes are doomed to fail. They are babysitters who shield and heal their teammates, and sometimes even sacrifice themselves to keep others alive. Throughout the game, support heroes should stick with their teammates and show up wherever they are needed.


Marksmen are ranged heroes who perform best when positioned behind the safety of their teammates. They can deliver massive continuous damage from a safe distance, but they are very fragile and are usually one of the primary targets to take out during battles. With the right equipment, they can be very powerful late game heroes.