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Vision and Mission

The pandemic has spurred a unprecedented interest in video games. Studies show that gaming is a highly popular activity during the pandemic, and Axie Infinity's phenomenal success is even more evidence that the gaming industry is now clearly seeing the potential of the Play2Earn model.
2022 has seen the global economy enter a period of recession. Back in 2008 when the financial crisis swept the world, the gaming industry was one of the few industries that maintained growth. Games are still one of the relatively cheaper forms of entertainment for many people. The blockchain-based Play2Earn model is taking advantage of this trend, and we are seeing innovation in various genres of video games.
We believe that game playability will be the deciding factor when it comes to blockchain game sustainability. Simple browser-based P2E games will be replaced by more complex and playable MOBA or FPS P2E games.
Genesis Battle aspires to be the king of blockchain-based MOBA games, connecting gamers, Web3 advocates and digital asset investors.